Woodbine By The Numbers

Woodbine has been involved with development, design / construction and / or asset management of more than 15 million square feet of hospitality, office and mixed-use space and 18,000 acres of land. That translates into about $2 billion of real estate improvements and added value, and:

More Than 6,000 Hotel Rooms at 11 Properties
(14,000+ Including Renovations)

126 Holes of Golf; with Negotiated Access Agreements
on Another 54 Holes

6 Golf Clubhouses and Ancillary Golf Course Buildings

5 Full-Service Spas and 12 Fitness Centers

1 Million Square Feet of Indoor and Outdoor
Function Space

5,000 Seats in More Than 50 Food and Beverage Outlets

4.3 Million Square Feet of Office Space
in 3 Dozen Projects

3 Historical Renovation Projects

20 Master Plans

45 Miles of Concrete and Asphalt on 80+ Roads

And all that was achieved with a Woodbine team of fewer than 50 people supported by quality consulting and construction teams that generated thousands of jobs and multi-billion-dollar economic impacts on about a dozen different communities.

Our current officer team has a combined total of more than 260 years of service at Woodbine.