The Woodbine Story

Woodbine Development Corp

For some, the name “Woodbine” represents a flowering vine, for others a racetrack, still others, a cigarette brand in Great Britain or a town in Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Iowa or Kansas. For Woodbine Development Corporation, the name represents our long history and successful relationship with Hunt Oil Company.

The Hunt Oil Connection and Woodbine Foundation

Woodbine Development Corporation derives its name from the geologic formation that has played an epic role in the development of both the city of Dallas and East Texas.

In the North Central Texas area around Dallas/Fort Worth, the Woodbine Sand is typically found at shallow depths and is frequently water bearing. As such, the early pioneers who settled Texas frequently drilled shallow water wells and then built windmills to pump the water from the Woodbine Sand to the surface. Woodbine’s windmill logo is a tribute to those early pioneers — and to their innovation, adaptability and endurance.

The Woodbine Sand also exists 120 miles east of downtown Dallas in the heart of East Texas. In that area, the Woodbine Sand is typically found at a depth of approximately 6,000 feet. Further, in East Texas the Woodbine Sand is frequently oil bearing. The most famous oil field, which depended upon the Woodbine Sand as its primary reservoir, was the fabled East Texas oil field. Prior to the discovery of oil in the Middle East, it was the largest oil field in the world (with estimated initial recoverable oil reserves of 5.5 billion barrels).

The discovery well of the East Texas oil field was named the Daisy Bradford No. 3. Mr. H. L. Hunt purchased the discovery well and a number of oil leases that, at the time, were thought to be non-prospective. However, those leases were later found to be located in strategic areas within the East Texas oil field, and they subsequently proved to be the foundation upon which Hunt Oil Company would be built.

The Woodbine Sand in East Texas provided the financial base for the founding of Hunt Oil Company in 1934, and almost 40 years later, it provided the naming inspiration for a real estate company formed by Ray L. Hunt and John Field Scovell in 1973.