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Kierland Golf Club

Kierland Golf Club
  • Location:
    Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
  • Site Size: 216 acres
  • Golf Holes: 27
  • Length: 6,900 yards
  • Clubhouse: 19,748 sq. ft.
  • Opened:
    1996 (temporary clubhouse) 
    2002 (resort clubhouse)
  • Sold: 2006

Designed by Scott Miller Design, Inc., of Scottsdale, Arizona, Kierland Golf Club features three nine-hole layouts served by a common clubhouse complex. The club’s core layout provides the feeling of playing in a large park, similar to any of the Midwest’s classic courses. The pro shop has been named among the “Top 100 Golf Shops in America” by Golf World Business magazine. The club also is recognized among the “Top 100 Women Friendly Courses” by Golf for Women magazine.

“Offering ‘something different for Scottsdale,’ this ‘challenging but not too difficult’ Scott Miller design is ‘a sea of green with lots of rolling fairways’ and while the three nines feature ‘plenty of sand,’ they’re nonetheless ‘wide-open’ and ‘forgiving’; tied to The Westin Kierland Resort, ‘it’s a great facility’ that’s sure to ‘boost your ego’ — but not your temperature, thanks to air-conditioned golf cars that are ‘a plus’ in July or August.”

America’s Top Golf Courses
Sixth Edition, 2009