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Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Opened: 1978
  • Reopened: 2009
  • Height: 560 feet; 50 stories
  • Revolving Restaurant:
    Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
  • Owner: Reunion Hotel, LP
  • Client: Hunt Realty Investments, Inc.

Reunion Tower changed and defined the Dallas skyline with its distinctive geodesic dome and iconic lighting system. The landmark was repositioned in 2008-09, undergoing a $23-million renovation. Woodbine is developer, project/construction manager and asset manager of Reunion Tower, which is owned by a subsidiary of Hunt Realty Investments, Inc.  We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with Ray L. Hunt on this project, and we’re proud of the many relationships we’ve built along this journey from a start-up enterprise with a dream to an experienced real estate developer, owner and asset manager of special destinations – Places Where People Want to Be™.

“…[T]he Hyatt and its dancing ball have given Dallas a more memorable civic symbol than any city hall has come up with. … [T]he Hyatt epitomizes what Dallas is all about: style, motion, entertainment, the future.”

— Architecture Critic David Dillon
Dallas Morning News
May 10, 1988