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DART Headquarters

DART Headquarters
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Site Size: 1.67 acres
  • Gross Building Area: 438,845 sq. ft. (includes 144,644-sq.-ft. basement)
  • Client/Partners:
    Buckner Baptist Benevolences, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • Originally Opened: 1965
  • Reopened: 1992
  • Project Type: Adaptive Reuse/Renovation Project

Woodbine assembled a strong design team to renovate a former downtown department store into a state-of-the-art office building for Dallas’ public transportation agency. The project tapped Woodbine’s skills as an owner’s representative and project manager. The headquarters encompassed the build-out of approximately 438,000 square feet, which Woodbine accomplished in budget and two months ahead of schedule.

Lesson Learned - Politics can be as time-consuming as the development process. Working on behalf of a controversial public agency means you’ll need a thick skin to get the job done.