The Fundamentals

Fundamental skills that our multidisciplinary team applies throughout the life of our projects include:

Research / Feasibility / Concept Development

We study customers, market conditions and site characteristics to assess a project’s probability of both financial and market success. The scope of that research ranges from informal internal study to formal, commissioned studies with multi-year financial pro formas. Before building anything, we test the concept on the people who matter most – customers and the intermediaries who communicate with them. This is the front-end model for bottom-line success, and the planning of an exit strategy starts here.

Design / Construction

We assemble a project-specific team, inclusive of MWBE commitments, to develop and refine a master or concept plan, resolve design issues, develop schematics and prepare construction drawings. We focus on communication, because managing information saves money and headaches down the road. And, we find considerable truth in the old expression: “Pencils and erasers are cheaper than jackhammers and bulldozers.”


The recognized sound market fundamentals of Woodbine’s projects, in conjunction with our financial partner’s exemplary reputation and extensive list of industry contacts, allow us to arrange financing from local, national and international sources as well as to source equity internally and from credible third-party investors. Simply put: A great design or elaborate marketing tactics can’t save a poorly capitalized project. Location matters; finance matters more.