Project Management Services

Our list of services can be as long or as short as needed by our clients and their projects (see our Representative Services), from turnkey, concept-to-disposition developments to short-term real estate consulting – from a one-time purchasing assignment to a long-term ownership representation. When construction management is involved, our scorecard is always budget and schedule; with asset management it's value enhancement and return on investment. Under the broad label of project management, some of the project types we manage best are:

Asset Management and Owner Representation

Woodbine’s asset management team can help you make the most of your investment through careful ROI analysis, business planning and budget review. We act as an owner’s representative in dealing with operators, legal issues, contracts and leases, governmental agencies, compliance concerns, accounting, reporting, capital expenditures and even relationship management in ownership transitions. We understand the priorities and responsibilities of owning real estate in all its many forms and stages. We strive to complement operator services with support services in development, construction, marketing and market research, accounting, finance and engineering.

Redevelopment, Renovation and Repositioning

Woodbine has extensive experience in making the old new again, whether it’s the adaptive re-use of a 1916 train station, transforming an historical warehouse or former department store into Class A office space, or a major transformation of a four-star hotel. Our experience extends beyond brick-and-mortar changes, as we understand the need to reintroduce the revitalized project to a customer base through creative and memorable marketing strategies. We also understand the intricacies of managing construction of an operating business that is all about customer satisfaction.

Brand / Image / Awareness Strategy and Planning

While our third-party property managers and operators usually take the lead on day-to-day public relations, advertising, marketing, social media initiatives, etc., Woodbine is actively involved in development of the marketing and positioning “infrastructure” or framework that differentiates a property in an often cluttered and competitive environment. We stay involved with evaluation of the marketplace and customer experiences to ensure that developer / owner visions for a property are aligned with property operations and customer expectations.

Purchasing and Installation

Although most developers outsource purchasing of furniture, fixtures and equipment, Woodbine often manages this process internally for our hotel and office development and redevelopment projects. Our extensive experience in outfitting some of the world’s finest hotels means we’ll find the right products for your project at the right price, delivered on time. We’ll handle bidding, vendor coordination, scheduling and installation, and we’ll close out your project with instruction and warranty manuals, too, so that the property managers and operators can take charge of a ready-to-run asset.

Financial Engineering

Without dedication to smart, responsible and highly innovative financial engineering, many of our projects would still be ideas on paper, and, consequently, our “process” wouldn’t get much practice. Because we’ve worked to develop a time-tested approach to project planning and budgeting, we’ve earned the opportunity to join forces with well-respected equity partners and debt providers in a variety of different business relationships. Bottom line: we have the right experience to create the right financial model for development or redevelopment. And when that’s done right, the ownership, property and asset management role is a whole lot easier.

New (ground up) Development

Woodbine’s experience includes creating some of the country’s best resorts and master-planned communities, including Kierland, the 730-acre project in Phoenix / Scottsdale where our mixed-use Kierland Commons project set the bar for “Main Street” style developments. We’ll be there every step of the way, from concept and analysis through planning and design coordination, construction management, sales and marketing, through grand opening and into the asset management phase.

Acquisition and Divestiture

Whether you’re looking to acquire a financially distressed asset or a cash-flowing property, our team can assist with the process. The same is true if you need help finding a buyer for your real estate asset or you need help preparing that asset for sale.

In performing services ourselves or outsourcing to our highly capable consultants, our involvement remains constant, and accountability starts and stops with Woodbine. That way, our focus is always on delivering the best long-term results as we transform one-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional realities – Places Where People Want To Be™.