What Others Say

When you’re a Woodbine client or partner, you have our attention!

We could put all the right words together to boast about our capabilities and services, but we think it sounds better coming from our partners and clients. Here’s what they say about working with Woodbine:

Ray L. Hunt

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Hunt Consolidated, Inc., Dallas, Texas

“John Scovell and I originated our initial real estate operations in 1972. The entity we created was known as Woodbine Development Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunt Oil Company. John had no prior experience or background in the real estate business, but I had known John for several years and felt strongly that he was an individual who would be excellent at anything that he chose to pursue. (If John had had an interest in dressmaking, I am absolutely positive that within a few short years, he would have been running the best dressmaking company in the entire country.)

With the passage of time, Woodbine was converted into a partnership entity, with the Hunt organization being Woodbine’s sole partner. Woodbine today not only initiates new projects in different parts of the southwestern United States, but, additionally, oversees the wholly-owned real estate assets of the Hunt organization. Whether the assets in question are hotels, office buildings or land soon to be developed, Woodbine’s performance has always been exemplary.

There are very few times in life that one does not look back and say they would change some element of a decision made years earlier. With respect to Woodbine, however, I have to say that there is nothing I would change if we rolled the clock back to 1972.”

Margie Brown and Sophie Minich

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Cook Inlet Region, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska
Woodbine partners and clients since 1996

“Woodbine understands its business segment and the risks associated with it. They are knowledgeable regarding the elements necessary for success, gauge the risk and only commit capital (and bring along their partners) when they are assured that the risk /reward ratio is favorable. They keep their eye on the ball during development and during the operating period and keep pressing for the most efficient return possible…. Whether it is the planning phase, the design, the construction or the development of a theme for a property, they do their homework in order to create a brand and an impression that is lasting.”

Gary Herberger

Herberger Interests, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona
Woodbine partner and client since 1991

“Woodbine is an honest, loyal, knowledgeable, conservative real estate development partner. They have complete understanding and ability to perform through all the stages of development, from location and value through conceptualization, capitalization, construction and marketing, with a strong financial base.”

Ed Kelley

Consultant and past President & CEO
USAA Real Estate Company, San Antonio, Texas
Partner and / or client since 1995

“When someone mentions Woodbine, I think of expertise and financial strength, as well as outstanding product delivery and a keen attention to detail. They bring in projects on time and within budget. They are one of the finest in their niche, and they bring honesty and integrity to the industry. That type of stability and long-term commitment is rare.”

Gary Pierson

Chief Operating Officer
OPUBCO, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Partner and client since 2004

“They say what they mean and do what they say they’re going to do, and they make the process fun and enjoyable. Woodbine is a true partner in the old-fashioned sense. Their business plans are solid, not pie in the sky, and they don’t just rely on an in-and-out marketing appeal. They’re in the foxhole with you…. So, you can sleep at night and not have to worry about someone trying to take advantage of you. They also have more imagination than the run-of-the-mill company.”

Dr. Charles Wiseman

Wiseman Family Interests, San Antonio, Texas
Partner and client since 1989

“When you do a deal with Woodbine, you can trust the handshake. You put all the lawyer stuff in a desk drawer and know that you’ll never have to open it. They do what they say, and they get it done.”