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Team Woodbine

Stuart Schutze

Treasurer & Controller

Stuart Schutze joined Woodbine in 1999 as assistant controller. Building on his background in public accounting, he was promoted to controller in 2004—and in 2012, his role expanded to include that of treasurer. Mr. Schutze’s responsibilities include the preparation of owner/project financial reporting, operations accounting, project construction/renovation accounting, entity management and tax issuance, all of which help take Woodbine projects from concepts to stabilized assets.

“Whether or not a project makes good sense is determined by the numbers. But there’s both an art and a science to that—and Woodbine has become known as a developer that pays mind to the budget while also ensuring our projects are places people want to be. It’s not about one or the other, it’s about both.”


John Field Scovell

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King Scovell

Managing Partner
Chief Development Officer
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T. Dupree Scovell

Managing Partner
Chief Investment Officer
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Ian James Cihak

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
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Dana M. Swope

Senior Vice President
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Kristopher L. Harman

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Stuart Schutze

Treasurer & Controller Current Bio